More Sinhala Web Sites Using Unicode

Use of of Sinhala Unicode on the Web is slowly, but steadily, growing.

Two years ago, our good friend Niranjan Meegammana started the Sinhala Unicode group to bring together all those who are involved in the development of Sinhala Unicode to communicate, and to use Sinhala itself to do so. Today the group has become one of the very active forums on the topic, and provides a living example for the success of the standard.

Although some newspapers are still reluctant to move from legacy font tricks to Sinhala Unicode, Dinamina and e-thalaya online newspapers made a bold move by using only Unicode in their web sites, providing fine examples that the implementations are mature.

This Sinhala blog sindicator aggregates dozens of blogs written in Sinhala.

My previous posts on this topic are here, here and here.


Jinath Sanjitha said...

Yeah, Sinhala Unicode is now widely used..

Pls correct the link to the http://www.ethalaya.com

Anuradha said...

Dear Jinath,

Corrected the link to ethalaya. Thanks for pointing the mistake.

Akila said...

The no of Sinhala blogs is increasing. Today i even wrote a blog post in Sinhala.

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