The Old Order Changeth

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new" [said King Arthur] -- From Morte D'Arthur by Lord Tennyson

And so again the time has come for a change. I decided to spend more time in the wilderness where I came from, and move away from this city life, to which I will never get used to. ;-)

I started working as a freelance consultant starting 1st of February, 2008. Initially I am focusing on software/IT, but hoping to expand to CNC sooner or later.

I will also continue to work for Virtusa as an external consultant.

You can reach me at anuradha at taprobane dot org. If you forget it or loose it, searching Google for "anuradha" or "anuradha ratnaweera" should find my home page with contact details and links.

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Buddhika Jayasinghe said...

Good luck Anuradha. :)