Grand Start for the FOSS Week

National FOSS Week made a great start on Monday (5th) with the FOSSchool event organized by LK-LUG / UCSC. The event was at the UCSC auditorium which could host about 250 people. It was a pleasent surprise to see delegates from CICC and several hackers from Japan, including Niibe, at the opening ceremony. The morning event was for schools. The auditorium was full, and we had to put extra chairs to host everyone. Each participant got an Ubuntu pack and a Taprobane CD. Prof Sam and Dr Ruwan of UCSC introduced the week and the event to the participants. LUG presentations included various aspects of FOSS including desktop, development and education. Evening session was for the grad/undergrad students studying CS related courses. Again, it was a packed house. In addition to our LUGgers, Martin Michlmayr, former DPL, and Dr Shahani Weerawarana (Mifan used the name `Dr Mrs Sanjiva Weerawarana' instead, while thanking everybody) also spoke. The event was considered a huge success and a great start for the FOSS week activities. After the event, Bud and myself joined Martin for dinner at Chamindra's place. Except for everyone's attempts to get Ranusha, Chamindra's little `fellow', call me `uncle Anuradha' instead of `Anuradha aiya', we had a nice time.

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