iPhone 3G for 800+ USD?

In this WWDC 2008 keynote, Steve Jobs said that the iPhone 3G will sell at 199/299 USD in almost all countries around the world.

Today I saw an email passing around which said that Dialog is selling the iPhone 3G for Rs 89,000, more than 800 USD! Few months ago, BT Options, the local Apple agent, was selling iPhones at Rs 120,000!!!


indi said...

The cheap iPhone is on contract. In the end it actually ends up costing about $2,000 after two years.


Abroad you can get phones for $0 because the companies make their money on the contracts. That business model doesn't really work here.

Anuradha Ratnaweera said...

One may pay $2,000 in two years, but that cost is not only for the iPhone, but also for phone calls, data and SMS.

Someone who pays a Rs 5,000 phone bill monthly will end up paying about $1,200 in two years anyway.

So the Rs 89,000 is in addition to that $1,200.

Anuradha Ratnaweera said...

Here is the link to the official announcement.

chanux said...

@Anuradha Ratnaweera

The Link is broken. Maybe Dialog is rethinking their plans.

Anuradha Ratnaweera said...


The phone is still listed under phone plans.

sapumal said...

I went to Dialog to get some info. The salesperson was not encouredged me to buy an iphone. He pointed number of problems in iphone such as,

Video recording is not working.
SMS forwarding problem.
Can't configure email with some servers.
Can't get 3G calls.
Bluetooth is not working.

Some are known problems but some are based on the complains of users who were unable to get the things done in proper way. He also not awared that we need to hack the phone to use my mobitel sim.

btw an interesting link for people who like to buy an iphone in SL would be, http://iphonesrilanka.blogspot.com/